Applying A Consultant Position With Accounting Background


Dear Mr. Smith,

As an active partner in a CPA accounting firm who has developed the firm’s consulting business, I am seeking to focus all my energies into management consulting.

My background includes 18 years of experience in accounting, auditing, finance and consulting. I am skilled in performing diverse financial analysis and developing business plans for various public and private sector enterprises and high-income individuals. For each challenge, I have exceeded expectations and produced excellent results. Most notably, I

  • Developed a business plan for a client that would expand his business while protecting his assets.
  • Developed a consulting niche with municipal clientele that will net more than $100,000 in annual fees.
  • Prepared a “Full Accounting of a Trust” by utilizing accounting software that would provide the format required by the New York State courts.
  • Grew my private practice to more than $110,000 in revenues.

My goal is to join a progressive management consulting firm where I can help create value through innovative financing. I think and act “outside the box,” and a company that values profitable problem solving will value me, for that is what I do best.

I prefer to stay in the metropolitan New York City area and anticipate an annual compensation package in excess of $100,000.

I look forward to speaking with you regarding any current search assignments appropriate for a candidate with my qualifications. Thank you in advance for your consideration.



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