Applying Senior Management Executive Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

When was the last time you hired a Senior Management Executive who was able to hit the ground running and generate expense reductions quickly? Please allow me to introduce myself. As a Certified Public Accountant with extensive financial and auditing experience, I approach every situation from the perspective of operational efficiency.

Producing results requires leadership. Achieving fast results demands a new perspective, an ability to embrace and implement change, and buy-in from everyone involved. Results-driven highlights include

  • Listening to front-line employees and responding to their concerns and suggestions. Recommended that senior management eliminate customer online disconnect ability, yielding a $5 million annual savings.
  • Developing the incentive plan for sales reps that drove market penetration to 35% on customer loyalty product sales.
  • Being hand selected by senior management for the Capstone Leadership Program, a privilege afforded to the top 5 to 10% of employees.

Controlling costs and reducing expenses are critical to an organization’s profitability and viability. If you are looking for a results-driven leader holding a CPA and MBA who can produce positive results quickly, perhaps we should meet to discuss your needs and how I might help. I will call you next week and look forward to speaking with you.



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