Applying A General Administrative Assistant Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

For 15 years I have been providing administrative support to senior managers and busy departments. With a corporate reorganization pending, I am currently looking for an opportunity to apply my skills in a new setting. Perhaps one of your clients is looking for the experience and expertise I have to offer.

As the enclosed resume indicates, I thrive in a high-pressure environment and welcome the challenge of performing multiple tasks. My background includes introducing a wide variety of procedures that improve office efficiency and free managers to attend to other tasks. Given a high degree of autonomy, I have made key purchasing recommendations and decisions; coordinated a wide variety of conferences, meetings, and special events; and performed day-to-day administrative functions. In particular, I have developed a high level of expertise with a variety of software applications, most notably creating PowerPoint presentations, and have been called upon by secretaries and managers for computer training and technical assistance. My dedication, hard work, and excellent performance throughout my career are a source of pride for me, and they have been recognized over the years through numerous promotions and achievement/excellence awards.

I am very interested in talking with you about the contribution I can make in a new position. You can reach me at 505-555-0505. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.



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