Applying An Administrative Support Position In An Insurance Company


Dear Mr. Smith,

In my daily walks through your corporate campus, I often thought how great it would be to work here in these beautiful surroundings so close to my home. Then,as luck would have it, while looking through the classifieds this Sunday, I became very excited when I saw your large ad, which listed an available Administrative Support position. Having a solid background of 7 years performing administrative functions for insurance companies, I knew this opportunity was ideally suited for me. I am extremely interested in learning more about this position or any other related vacancy that may currently be open or anticipated.

As you review my resume, you will see that I handled many aspects of internal and external customer service for a domestic and international clientele. In my daily activities, I developed my organizational and communications skills to the high level your company demands. I am also proficient in managing data on a computer, which involved the balancing of monetary transactions to reflect accurately in client accounts as well as the general ledger. Because I quickly learned new computer applications, management depended on me to train other department members who were less skilled.

You will also note that I am a state-licensed insurance producer for property and casualty, and health insurance. Although your open position does not require licensing, perhaps there will be a need at some future date. I was very happy at my last position with Liberty Insurance, but unfortunately, in the process of restructuring its organization, my department was recently eliminated. I believe the diversity of my experience and problem-solving abilities will enable me to be productive in your business almost immediately. My salary requirements are negotiable, depending on the demands of the position and the total compensation package.

If you feel as I do that I am the perfect candidate, I will be glad to meet with you at your convenience to discuss in more detail how I can contribute as a member of your team. I will call early next week to set up a time for us to meet.



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