Applying A Marketing Manager Position


Dear Mr. Smith:

As a seasoned senior-level marketing professional with client-side, agency, and consulting experience, as well as a background building a spectrum of major organic and natural brands—including Tom’s of Maine, Burt’s Bees, and Nature’s Bounty—I can help Smith & Co. meet the rapid challenges in today’s marketplace.

With a thorough understanding of marketing, business, and global trends, coupled with a deep knowledge of consumer wants, needs, and buying behaviors, I will leverage the strengths of your organization. I know how to drive spirited strategy development and implementation, construct solid organizational and product-line plans, optimize the use of funds, and keep the business and tech sides on the same page. I typically get it right the first time, no matter the challenge!

You will find me to be a low-risk hire who will deliver needed ROI. I determine ways to execute campaigns correctly without compromising their effectiveness due to internal constraints, and I use all technology (internal and external) to the company’s advantage. Significant accomplishments predictive of contributions I can make to Smith & Co. include

  • Successful launch of a new Green Mountain brand, seamlessly and without disruption to other core businesses.
  • Reduction of acquisition costs by up to 75% in key segments—35% on average—through remarketing targeted to nonpurchasing Green Mountain prospects.
  • Launch of Hannaford’s most successful new North American product in 25+ years.
  • Leadership of a group that delivered a 42% year-over-year increase in fee revenues for Stonyfield, Inc.

Strategy is hard-wired into my thinking—I play chess three to five moves out and plot a marketing or business plan the same way. Everywhere I have worked I have anticipated and solved likely problems before they happened. I am known to quickly learn from mistakes and redirect energies. A strong team player, I play to win the prize for the company. I operate as an agent to deliver change and lead by example.

Marketing today is not as simple as it used to be. Time to market is crucial, and it is no longer acceptable to progress at a comfortable pace with internal capabilities when these resources are lacking. I maximize profitability of customer segments through the entire customer life cycle to grow ROI and sustain competitive strength. As an entrepreneurial and strategic leader, I squeeze the most possible out of internal expertise and capabilities and then supplement and draw on external solutions as needed to buttress internal capabilities.

Mr. Smith, I’d like to discuss with you my ability to 1) continue to cost-effectively drive leads that convert into customers in the increasingly complex organics space, 2) overcome the infrastructure weaknesses specific to growing companies, 3) build a brand while reducing customer acquisition costs, and 4) use segmentation and modeling to maximize ROI.

May we schedule a meeting?



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