Applying A Corporate Training Position in An Airline


Dear Ms. Smith,

Throughout my career, working predominantly within the airline industry, I have demonstrated an
exceptional record of accomplishment, continuously setting myself high standards and achieving
outstanding quantifiable results.

My attached resume emphasises numerous achievements and expounds upon my proven record of excellence within human resource management; my proactive formulation of benchmark interview and recruitment procedures; and my outstanding leadership, communication and interpersonal expertise.

I submit the following highlights for your perusal:

  • Spearheaded development of high-volume recruitment and selection procedures and personally conducted more than 2,000 interviews. Accountable for annual wages expenditure in excess of $15 million.
  • Directed and motivated more than 400 management and staff, consistently employing dynamic leadership and team-building skills in combination with excellent coaching and training expertise. Facilitated delivery of Corporate Culture Program to 16,000 staff over two-year period.
  • Key ability to build strong, respectful business and corporate relations across all levels of management. Achieved minimal customer disruption and maximum level of efficiency in servicing corporate clientele during 10-month pilot dispute.
  • Excellent educational qualifications and accreditations, including Graduate Diploma of
    Counselling, Accredited “Target Selection” Certificate, Accredited OH&S Certificate, International Interpersonal Management Skills and Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment.

What is more challenging to put down on paper is my genuine love of people—my love of drawing out the very best that is within and motivating individuals to achieve results beyond their personal expectations.

I am proud to state that during my 11 years in the aviation industry, I have seen individuals, without exception, work harder than they have ever worked before and rise to levels above those to which they would normally aspire.

Vestal Airlines enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the industry. I am eager to share my expertise within your organisation as a vital catalyst for growth and the achievement of personal and corporate excellence. So…

…before we reach cruising altitude, I invite you to read the attached. No, not safety instructions, although

it could be just as lifesaving…

Yours sincerely,


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