Applying A Director of Corporate Training Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

Finding and retaining good employees are reported to be two of the biggest challenges faced today by businesses large and small. Retention data suggests that employees target and remain faithful to companies that are committed to their personal and professional development.

A recent visit to the AB&C Group Web site confirmed for me that yours is a company dedicated to employee development and training. Your acknowledgement in the Wall Street Journal, the Ranson Learning Center, and the Elaine Looney Achievement Center are testimonies to your commitment. I share in that commitment and have a proven record of achievement to that end. For these reasons, it is with great interest and enthusiasm that I am submitting my resume for consideration in filling your current opening for a Director of Corporate Training.

With more than 18 years in the education, employment, and training arena, I am confident I have much to offer:

  • Experience designing, developing, and delivering training. I have written curricula covering everything from life skills and career management to computer software applications and the Internet. I have trained college students, corporate professionals, customer service representatives, professional peers, and factory workers, to name a few.
  • A proven record of delivering projects on time, best exemplified by my experience in successfully writing and coordinating the submission of numerous federal grants.
  • Strong platform skills and ongoing recognition as a high-energy, entertaining, and motivational trainer and workshop facilitator.
  • Supervisory and leadership experience, whether serving on a board of directors for a community organization or coaching and mentoring individuals to define and take charge of their own success.
  • Creativity and an innate ability to identify areas in need of improvement and the vision to develop and implement successful action plans.

Since this correspondence can only provide you with a brief overview of my skills and accomplishments, I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about AB&C Group and your vision for developing your corporate training programs. I will phone early next week to follow up on this correspondence and explore the possibility of scheduling some time with you. I look forward to
talking with you then.



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