Applying a Senior Graphic Designer Position


Dear Mrs. Smith,

Ensuring Quality Control requires an experienced staff with the expertise to analyze an independent contractor’s or employee’s ability to do the job correctly for the best price. I possess an innate ability to assess employees’ work, equipment, and quality standards. My commitment is to quality white remaining price conscious.

As a Senior Graphic Designer for Adexa earlier this year, I acted as liaison for the director, writer, and printers and edited the full project. Through my supervision of others, I was able to develop a cohesive unit that worked toward a common goal. My management skills led to greater efficiency and cost reduction while easily meeting deadlines.

Others have pointed out my unparalleled imagination, which allows me to properly evaluate designs, whether for catalogs, Web sites, or software. My diverse background encompasses

  • Work for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission
  • Murals for Transamerica Insurance, Inc., toy stores, restaurants
  • Fascias for Michael Jackson Enterprises
  • 3-D animation for Mad TV
  • Character design and model creation for a television pilot
  • Animation, direction, and production of a short claymation film
  • Logo creation

Additional strengths include

  • Capability to handle many tasks at one time and meet every deadline, even when those
    deadlines occur hourly
  • Motivation and desire to complete all projects in a timely manner
  • Ability to remain respectful, patient, and level-headed under pressure

Artists are famous for being perfectionists, and it is a reputation that is well earned. Although I design on a Mac, I also use a real -world, hands-on approach to business and am confident I can make a significant contribution to Goldcrest Graphics. I can serve both your creative and post -production needs. I am available for any shift, for contract work, for travel, on any basis—you name it. I have no ego, only a desire to do my job to perfection and an ability to use technical skills with creativity to achieve an artistic end.

Eager to hear your ideas, I would appreciate a moment of your time. Could you spare a few minutes to discuss this with me in person? I will call next week to set a time for a personal interview.



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