Applying An Architect Position in A Design Studio


Dear Mr. Smith,

Each architect holds his/her own unique paradigm. It has always been my dream to be an architect. As an elementary student, I remember drawing projects from my own perspective—viewing the world through different eyes than those of my classmates. Because I enjoy my work and know that success and fulfillment stem directly from working in one’s passion, I submit my resume and portfolio to you for consideration.

My resume clearly shows that I have a variety of qualifying skills and abilities. Briefly, they are as follows:

  • A Bachelor of Arts School of Architecture degree from Miami University with a respectable GPA achieved through hard work and attention to detail,
  • A very strong background in computer-oriented design as evidenced by keen realistic imaging and detail-oriented visualization to provide innovative, practical design solutions while utilizing a consistent application of the fundamentals, and
  • A sincere desire to apply these artistic and technical skills in a creative, fulfilling position in a firmsuch as yours.

I recently saw on the cover of Buildings magazine that WTW Architects was awarded “Best New Construction” for the Hetzel Union Building/Paul Robeson Cultural Center at Pennsylvania State University. The article caught my attention because I visited Penn State with my cousin in the spring and saw the “HUB.” The building’s oval interior commands a unique presence through the use of natural light and open spaces—a concept developed and perfected by Frank Lloyd Wright. One of your senior principals, Paul Williams, stated in the article, “The circle is symbolic of mankind—a symbol of civilization; a symbol of the town, the village, and the individual.” The influence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design and expression is clearly evident through your firm’s architecture—the same design and expression woven throughout my portfolio.

As you can see from my portfolio, I take pride in my work, too. It would be an honor to be a contributing member of your team and to work hard toward achieving WTW’s goals and objectives. Because “proven skills” are best explained in person, I welcome the opportunity to introduce myself in an interview to discuss the value I offer WTW Architects. I will follow up with a phone call the week of June 15. Thank you for reviewing my portfolio, and I look forward to our meeting.



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