Applying A Social Studies Teacher Position In A High School


Dear Mrs. Smith,

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume for the social studies position that is currently available within your district. As an experienced social studies teacher, I offer vast classroom exposure, a great deal of energy, and a commitment to the students.

Over the course of my career, I have taught both middle-school and high-school students in a variety of subjects, including U.S. History and Global History. Two years ago, my wife and I relocated to the Mohawk Valley from Albany, NY. Currently, I teach 8th-grade social studies in Herkimer Central School District. Prior to this, I taught for 14 years at Schenectady Central School District.

As a professional educator, my efforts extend beyond academics. I work hard at instilling a sense of school pride, building community awareness, and motivating students to set higher standards. In addition to general education, my teaching experience encompasses inclusion classes. With all my students, I take the time to connect with each one, demonstrating genuine sensitivity when working with those who have special needs. Through an ongoing process of planning, delivering, reflecting, and refining lessons, I am consistently successful at balancing individual needs with the NYS Standards & Assessments. I also have a proven record of success (98% passing rate) with the 8th-Grade Social Studies Assessment.

Most significant to my teaching ability is my enthusiasm for the material and appropriate sense of humor. Through these, I am able to engage students and facilitate the learning process. Daily lessons include classroom discussion of current events while activities focus on creating and using information for knowledge and understanding. I also highlight the modes of communication within the community and integrate technology and media into lessons. Whatever the topic, my goal is to emphasize the fact that knowledge and access to information are essential to responsible citizenship and participation in a democracy.

Thank you in advance for your time. I look forward to speaking with you to further discuss my qualifications and will call to schedule an appropriate time.



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