Applying An Administrative Position In A High School


Dear Superintendent Smith:

For the past 19 years I have been involved in the educational leadership of two highly respected private schools. Two of my key responsibilities have been to introduce competitive and demanding instructional programs and to hire and develop the appropriate staff to meet those challenges. I’m happy to say that I have been successful in both areas, as reflected in the enclosed resume. Best of all, I have enjoyed making learning an exciting and enjoyable process for the students!

I am at a point in my professional career where I am ready for a new challenge. Key areas where I can make a contribution to your district are the following:

  • Planning and developing curriculum
  • Achieving accreditation
  • Building teamwork and cohesive work groups
  • Setting goals and high academic standards
  • Managing budgets and fund-raising activities

It would be my pleasure to meet with you to discuss the ways in which I can make an immediate and positive impact on your fine district.

Thank you for your consideration and professional courtesy in reviewing my resume. I will call you soon to explore the possibility of an interview.



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