Applying An Educational Technologist Position in A College


Dear Mr. Smith,

Your college advertised for an educational technologist.., someone who can help you build anytime, anyplace education to parallel today’s anytime, anyplace workplace…someone with both technical vision and collaborative skills.., a real leader in education administration and distance learning—whether for on -campus, between campuses, or even international audiences. I am such a person!

I have more than 15 years of hands-on experience in developing online advanced -degree programs and distance -learning programs—from scratch.
I also have direct experience in faculty -training programs, technical training, and education technologies.

My Value to a Learning Institution

  • Development and delivery of online advanced -degree programs
  • Creation and administration of distance -learning courses
  • Optimization of educational technology for online and on -campus programs
  • Establishment of cutting -edge labs for learning and courseware development
  • Successful design of Web sites, learning matrices, and learning portals
  • Effective Web -based systems for accreditation management
  • Technical direction and advice for administrators, faculty, and technologists
  • Intercollegiate collaboration for implementation of programs

If you are looking for someone who can truly build—and administer—anytime, anyplace education, I am confident that I can bring the perfect marriage of distance learning, education technologies, experience, and vision to your school.

Accordingly, my resume is enclosed. I will call you in a few days to follow up and hopefully to schedule an interview. Hook forward to talking more about your goals and what I may do for you as your Director of Education Technology.



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