Applying An Elementary Teacher Position


Dear Smith,

The education field is in a predicament right now, isn’t it? Many districts are faced with a need for teachers but may not have the funds to hire experienced educators, especially those with advanced degrees. I am one of those “seasoned” teachers, and I would like to explain why I believe my experience is valuable to your district.

This is my eleventh year of teaching at the early elementary level. Over time I have learned what works and what doesn’t, what motivates children and what turns them off. Since I know what to expect from students at the beginning of each year, we can get right down to the business of learning. Given the importance of standardized test scores such as MEAP, it is important to start covering relevant material as soon and as often as possible. I don’t have to teach by trial and error—I’ve been there, done that.

My ability to earn the trust and respect of my students is a key point as well. Getting parents involved in their children’s education is important, too. My classroom is high energy and creative, and I’m not afraid to try new techniques. Completing a master’s degree in teaching and curriculum has certainly helped round out my education.

I hope you’ll give me an opportunity for an interview so that I can give you additional information about my teaching style, capabilities, and enthusiasm for the job. I’ll contact you next week to explore a convenient time to meet. Thank you for your time and attention.



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