Applying An Entry-Level Teacher Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

I love the preceding quote! Although it may be seen as too “sentimental” by some, I truly believe that being able to make a positive difference in children’s lives is a worthwhile endeavor—and the true reward in life. I am excited about the opportunity to launch my teaching career and influence student growth, and I am certain that my enthusiasm and ability to motivate would be a welcome addition to your faculty.

My educational experiences have convinced me that being a teacher is a wonderful career choice. While taking upper-level courses in secondary education and completing observation hours at local junior high and high schools, I studied educational theory and, more importantly, realized the value of consistent discipline enforcement, student-centered learning, and classroom/lesson organization, among many other educator functions. Through my Cum Laude G.P.A. and performance on major grade projects, I demonstrated a strong background knowledge in these areas, and although theory does not always translate into practice, I am confident that my knowledge will transfer effectively in an educational setting.

I have had two very different, yet interesting experiences in my employment history that indirectly prepared me for some of the challenges I will face as an educator. As a server at The Olive Garden restaurant, I was recognized by management for providing excellent, prompt service in an environment that could best be described as fastpaced and highly stressful. As an intern reporter for the Moore County News Press, I developed a keen appreciation for the richness and value of small-town living through firsthand observations and interviewing local residents for human-interest stories. Although both experiences are quite different from working day-to-day in an educational setting, I do feel that these positions prepared me for handling difficult situations and relating to diverse individuals on a one-to-one basis.

My resume is enclosed to provide details about my background and qualifications. If permissible, I will contact you to follow up on this letter of inquiry, or you may contact me at the number of my current residence. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing how I can contribute to the success of your school. In addition, I have a particular interest in sponsoring extracurricular activities and would like to discuss with you how I could contribute to your school in this regard.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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