Applying To Be A Quadrant Leader In His Own School


Dear Board of directors:

Years of perseverance in striving to become school principal have brought me to this place in my professional career. After recently gaining a certification in Mid-management/Principal from Cotton University, I am eager to apply my college education and teaching/diagnostician experience in the capacity of school principal. The enclosed resume reflects credentials that meet the requirements of a Quadrant Leader position at Cotton Independent School District (CISD).

In addition to a relevant academic and career background, I possess several personal traits that will surely benefit a position of this caliber. A personable demeanor and sense of humor allow instant rapport with others; passionate diligence toward improving the educational system adds distinction to our industry; flexibility promotes adaptation to change; and focused listening and perceptiveness ensure met needs.

Following are the philosophies that I incorporate daily into personal and work environments:

  • Each day is a new beginning to make positive contributions to work, colleagues, community, and family.
  • Goals that embrace the highest ethical and service standards can only promote personal and professional growth.
  • A school official must reflect integrity, accountability, and professionalism in all situations.
  • The key to successful interaction with peers, parents, and students is a friendly, understanding, accepting, and diplomatic attitude that respects the dignity of every human.
  • Effective programs are those that empower parents, students, and staff through interactive participation, collaboration, and shared decision making.
  • A proactive approach to problem prevention saves energy, time, and money.
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up!
  • Strong leadership skills include the ability to motivate, mediate, facilitate, and delegate.
  • A good leader has insight into and consideration for the feelings, concerns, and aspirations of others.

These skills and values could contribute greatly to the contributions of a CISD school principal. An opportunity to talk with you in person will be mutually beneficial. Please expect a phone call within the week to set up an appointment at your convenience. In the meantime, thank you for your time and consideration.




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