Applying A Director of Hardware Engineering Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

Few companies can thrive in today’s hotly competitive, global business environment unless they apply innovation and cost-effective approaches to develop industry-leading products that raise them above their competitors in customers’ minds.

Throughout my career, I have consistently driven the development of products that offer standout benefits to customers and employers. For example, an enterprise-class, chassis-switch project that I led increased revenues 40% and reduced costs 30%, while achieving high-performance product capabilities.

The strengths and expertise I offer include the proven and well-documented ability to

  • Attract, motivate, and retain highly skilled technical talent.
  • Act as an objective and persuasive influencer to obtain cooperation among cross-functional teams.
  • Present and discuss product issues and strategies with senior management, manufacturing, and other internal groups, as well as with third-party organizations.
  • Effectively manage the performance of multicultural and multilingual engineering-development groups at sites located in multiple time zones.
  • Communicate overall engineering direction to internal groups and to external customers and partners.

For the past several months I have enjoyed the challenge of launching a startup company in Nevada. Recently, however, I relocated to California and have begun investigating situations there that will allow me to use my skills and talents to increase the success of a new employer.

I am confident my qualifications will enable me to add significant value to your company as Director of Hardware Engineering. I will call you to arrange an interview to discuss the challenges and opportunities your company faces and the contribution I can make to its ongoing success.



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