Applying A Senior Project Manager Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

Donald Hurley suggested it could prove valuable for us to talk. I am presently exploring opportunities toward which my extensive background managing successful civil, environmental, and heavy construction projects would be an asset. Specifically, I am interested in being considered as a candidate for the position of Senior Project Manager.

As my background demonstrates, I have had the opportunity to leverage business development opportunities for each of my employer companies through well-executed expansion into related industries. I have broad expertise in all aspects of civil, engineering, and heavy construction and a proven ability to effectively manage a profitable operation. My background is complemented by a degree in Surveying/Civil Engineering as well as a very high level of customer service orientation. My projects are consistently characterized by the professional manner in which objectives are achieved—and all parties are satisfied, even when working through sometimes extensive change order processes.

My managers describe me as a self-motivated, ambitious, and hardworking team player with a strong sense of working collaboratively. My track record of performance in all areas reflects my ability to learn quickly and competently, and I always give 110% to any job I undertake. I have a reputation for doing whatever it takes to give exceptional quality and value. I am able to effectively team with individuals at all levels—from superintendents and general contractors, project owners, and municipal leaders to laborers and tradesmen in the field … skills that will prove invaluable to the DOT.

In addition to these strengths, I have key skills in the area of business development and management and possess expert relationship management skills. I am known for my tact and
diplomacy and an ability to effectively troubleshoot and successfully resolve any situation. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the DOT’s hiring needs for a Senior Project Manager and how I might contribute to your operations. I will contact you next week to set an appointment.



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