Applying A Systems Engineer Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

I want to be your next Systems Engineer.

As the attached resume indicates, I have had more than 12 years of progressively responsible related employment.

I demonstrated the ability to work efficiently as Syskins Engineer/ Coordinator at Universal Electronics, Inc., where I installed 15 television distribution systems in only three months. Normally, it takes two-and -a -half days to install such a system in an open area. I can do it in under five hours. I am efficient because I am well organized.

If I had to name one characteristic that I believe makes me a good employee, it would be flexibility. This quality helped me greatly as a supervisor at Universal. I got along well with staff because I paid attention to them. I made a point of finding out the strengths of each employee. I motivated them by showing confidence in them when I knew they had the capacity to do a particular task well.

I gave them leeway, so that they would have a sense of ownership in their work. When they proved themselves worthy, I gave them more leeway. I also maximized my own productivity by delegating liberally.

My flexibility was instrumental in enabling me to work well on teams. I observed that people typically withheld information, motivated by a competitive spirit I made a point of sharing information with my colleagues. In so doing, I was able to help them do their job better, and this was appreciated. I recognize individual differences. I understand there is more than one way of doing something well and, by avoiding a judgmental attitude, engender good will not only among those I supervise, but also peers.

Please have a look at the attached resume. I am confident that, on reviewing it, you will agree I have the potential to become a worthy member of your team. I will phone to set a convenient time to meet, so that we can discuss how I might best serve Galactic Enterprises.

Yours truly,

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