Applying A Commercial Loan Officer In A Bank


Dear Mr. Smith,

In response to your recent advertisement for an experienced Commercial Loan Officer, I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. As you will note, I have spent more than 20 years in the banking industry in a variety of positions. My expertise is in working in the commercial loan department and one-on-one with the customers, walking them through the loan process, educating them, and making sure they are receiving the fullest benefits possible.

I have achieved numerous accomplishments and have a record for developing a strong bottom line for the bank. My personal passion as a “people person” shines through in the successes I’ve achieved. I am computer literate, analytical, thorough, and well experienced in the complete loan process.

I would like the opportunity to meet with you personally where we may further discuss your bank’s requirements and my qualifications. It appears from your advertisement that our needs may be a very close match. I will call to schedule a time when we may meet and review how we may mutually benefit each other. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume, and I look forward to meeting you personally.


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