Applying A Treasurer Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

My specialty is bringing cost-conscious leadership to the treasury function of a global corporation. Using my broad, 17-year experience in corporate finance and treasury operations, I am able to envision and implement company-wide solutions that reduce costs, add to the bottom line, and minimize risk.

I have demonstrated an ability to optimize the balance sheet and effectively maintain liquidity within multinational corporations. My notable strengths in communication and relationship-building have resulted in fruitful relationships with both internal clients and external members of the financial and regulatory communities. These skills have also
enabled me to build strong international corporate treasury teams.

I am a skilled negotiator with an expert grasp of financial instruments, business opportunities, and the competitive financial landscape. I have been able to close major deals that have been critical to the financial health of the organizations for which I have worked. Some examples of my achievements include the following:

Closed bond deals valued at $400 million in the tight credit environment of 2000 and 2001. Developed an interest rate strategy that yielded $65 million in new revenue from strategic interest-rate swapping activities. Instituted a Global Enterprise Risk Management System to protect the corporation from poor governance practices going forward.

My most recent titles have been Assistant Treasurer at two multinational companies with $3 billion and $6 billion in annual revenues, respectively. These roles offered me unusual opportunities to participate at the highest levels of the corporate treasury function. As the #2 treasury professional in such large global corporations, I was frequently in the
position of executing the responsibilities of Treasurer. Although my recent titles read “Assistant Treasurer,” I am ready to “hit the ground running” in the top treasury position.

I anticipate with pleasure an opportunity to learn about the challenges CRB Limited is facing and to discuss with you the contributions I could make as Treasurer to the prosperity of your organization. I will call next week to set an appointment.



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