Applying An Entry Level Business Analyst Position


Dear Ms. Smith,

Like many other recent graduates, I am searching for an opportunity to apply my skills while contributing to a company’s growth. Unlike others, though, I don’t believe that a new bachelor’s degree is enough to qualify in today’s highly competitive market.

As a result, I have worked diligently to supplement my college education with hands-on experience in financial environments, equipping me with a wide range of skills as a Financial or Business Analyst. Through my employment and educational training, I have developed the qualifications that will make me an asset to your company:

  • Financial Skills and Experience: More than 2 years of experience in a corporate environment as a financial advisor, along with a solid background in financial analysis, reporting, budgeting, negotiating and business/financial planning. Apply financial tools to identify, manage and maximize investment funds.
  • Keen Research, Analytical and Quantitative Skills: Adept at reviewing, analyzing and synthesizing financial data, as well as viewing challenges from different perspectives to arrive at creative solutions.
  • Computer Software Tools: Demonstrated proficiency in learning new applications quickly. Skilled in using Microsoft Word, Excel and Access database software. I also use Morningstar extensively to research data on mutual funds.
  • Proven Communications, Organizational and Interpersonal Skills: My collective experiences have enabled me to hone my interpersonal, written and verbal communications skills, which include developing financial reports, interfacing with internal and external customers and delivering presentations. Cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with a wide range of personalities has resulted in a large referral network from satisfied clients. Another strength is my ability to efficiently organize and manage my day-to-day responsibilities for maximum productivity.

Based on my talents and dedicated efforts, I have been recognized for my contributions to business growth and success. If you need a highly motivated professional who grasps new concepts quickly; loves to learn; and offers the personal drive, skills and confidence to succeed, I would welcome an interview. I’ll contact you in a few days to explore the possibility.

Thank you.



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