Applying A Banquets and Events Planner In A Hotel


Dear Mr. Smith,

In speaking recently with Maxine Ray, who works for Jake Levitz, your Convention Services Manager, I learned that there may be several positions open for persons who are skilled in setting up banquets or managing on-site activities for convention services and trade shows. Because I was intrigued by these opportunities, I am acting on Maxine’s suggestion to send you my resume and this letter of interest.

Having spent the past 15 years performing every imaginable task associated with putting together successful banquets and events attended by hundreds of people, I know I have
the essential qualifications to be an asset to your organization. As you review my resume, you will see the scope of my involvement and the versatility I can offer. I take great pride in my work, and I am totally dedicated to meeting and even exceeding the expectations of a demanding clientele for their social or corporate functions.

Throughout my career, I have been most effective in orchestrating a team effort while recognizing individual talents to accomplish project goals. The key to my success has been my ability to efficiently manage multiple and varied activities, all taking place simultaneously. Given the opportunity, I can demonstrate this in any project situation calling for broad cooperation.

In addition, I am receptive to new learning experiences; welcome challenges; and have no objection to travel, late hours, or weekend work.

I would appreciate meeting with you personally to discuss your organization’s plans and how I may be able to contribute to their accomplishment. I will call you within the next
week to determine your interest and perhaps arrange a time when we can meet. Thank you for any consideration.



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