Applying A Corporate Special Event & Stage Manager Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

Understanding the event management industry as intimately as I do, I appreciate the seasonal changes and the dramatic fluctuations tossing a company between “a few jobs on” to “absolutely insanely busy”. It is during these times of maximum capacity that I offer to you my expert contractual services, confident in my ability to always hit the ground running to achieve outstanding results.

Here I offer a very brief overview of my expertise and invite you to peruse my attached resume, which provides more in-depth information:

  • History of undertaking challenging stage and event management assignments, including two seven-day international family conferences consisting of 600 adults and 600 children/teens and an outdoor rock concert with six bands in a remote regional town. I have repeatedly been sought out to undertake these and numerous other events due to my methods of operation, which remove all stress from the client, my ability to guide and instruct in a fun environment, and my intrinsic ability to “make the company look good”.
  • Instinctive knowledge and ability to “read the room” and to implement rapid changes when required. Excellent ability to prioritise, then re-prioritise, combined with skilful assessment of personalities to delegate and formulate the most effective teams and partnerships.
  • Vital ability to communicate in an easy-to-understand and confident manner to brief all participants, including actors, waitpersons, managing directors, and others, to train personnel in all elements of the event industry and to address, instruct, motivate, and inspire large groups.
  • Excellent academic qualifications include Bachelor of Arts: Major in Drama & Design gained through the New South Wales University of Arts and Drama, where I was accepted as one of only 33 students out of a total of 1,200 applicants and was chosen as joint lead set designer for the final-year productions; Certificate in Priority Management, which I have found invaluable when combined with my natural organisational expertise and career experience.

In event and stage management I have found my niche and in this arena I excel. If you are looking for an original, flexible, and diverse professional able to infuse creative and innovative ideas into cohesive strategies within time-critical goals and within budget, I would like to explore this opportunity with you.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely


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