Applying A Fund Raising Manager Position


Dear Ms. Smith,

When I joined the International Society of Logistics Trading (ISLT) in 1990, it was in bankruptcy with only 152 members. Today it is a $2M international organisation with a membership base of 1,600 members. I transformed ISLT into a strong organisation, with a positive cash flow and outstanding member retention. This success was mainly due to leading the establishment of a 501c3 for the organisation and in the planning and execution of events and programs that generated more than $1.5M in annual revenue and increased asset position from zero to $1.3M.

Prior to working for ISLT, I provided business perspective, strategic visioning, and events management to the ASA Underwriter Association that led to the business becoming a successful and viable organisation through increased membership and community visibility. Through my leadership of the Award Committee, the organisation repeatedly won awards in the annual award recognition programs for Achievement, Public Service, Public Relations, Education, and Members, which were granted to local and state groups by the National Association of Life Underwriters. Prior to my appointment, they had won only two awards in 80 years.

These two examples clearly demonstrate the value I can bring to your organisation. My strengths are in the planning and execution of fund-raising and special events, and in managing the administration of an organisation or event to meet business goals and objectives. I am a creative visionary with a strong team spirit that has an innate ability to take charge, interpret complex issues, and identify opportunities, while still focusing on the actual raising of revenues and membership.

As such, I would welcome an interview to discuss your current needs and my potential contributions. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Yours sincerely,


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