Applying A CEO Position In A Hospital


Dear Mrs. Smith,

For almost 20 years, I have been at the forefront of initiatives that have positioned organizations to support significant growth, and have turned around floundering and problematic divisions to regain the respect of the people they serve. I have conceived new ideas to strengthen core services to customers, project-managed new infrastructure initiatives, and maintained the morale of “the troops” despite periods of instability and change.

Considered a senior executive with a combination of vision and corporate realism, I have been acknowledged
for my capacity to harness the enthusiasm and talents of others, identify core issues, and exploit the necessary
resources available to stretch funds and achieve management objectives in healthcare and medical environments.

Experience of this magnitude hasn’t been developed overnight; successes have been hard won, and commitment has been tireless. Yet the rewards of seeing an idea take hold of people’s imaginations for better and more responsive service delivery remains to this day one of my greatest motivators, and it is a skill I’m keen to demonstrate for my next employer as I meet the next challenge of my professional life.

Eager to tackle new opportunities, my last major role as Vice President, Business Delivery, consulting primarily to medical, healthcare, and education sectors, has now concluded. I have transformed what was a new business unit into a vital, responsive operation that delivered strong productivity increases and growth in just two years.

And now the time is ripe for a new challenge. Broad-based knowledge across diverse sectors and specialist executive consultancy experience in healthcare and medical sectors position me well for joining your leadership team.

Experienced in hospital operations; case management; and all the economic, procedural, and staff issues inherent in such environments, I believe I can bring a unique skill set to the role of hospital CEO. Having worked closely with senior executives in major healthcare facilities and hospitals, I know and understand the complexities of the healthcare system, the infrastructure, and how to position the organization for genuine growth. I see significant opportunities in aligning myself with ATCT Hospital, opportunities I’m keen to tackle and achieve measurable successes in, for our mutual benefit.

Naturally I would be delighted to explore your needs in detail at an interview and can arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time. In the meantime, my resume is attached for your review, and I can be contacted at the numbers provided. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.



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