Applying A Healthcare Worker In A Medical Center


Dear Mrs. Smith,

News regarding your construction of the Arroyo Medical Center, scheduled to open in November, prompted me to contact you because of my long-term involvement in the healthcare field and because I admire Arroyo’s commitment to providing future-oriented, quality healthcare for its patients. Although I currently live in California, I plan to relocate to Colorado once I obtain suitable employment. I am enclosing my current resume for your consideration.

As my resume indicates, I have gained diverse experience in a hospital environment over the past several years. This has included frequent patient interaction and support, ranging from registration and appointment-setting to arrangements for critical care transport. I have also consistently established and maintained positive work relationships with a variety of individuals at the medical centers, including physicians and nurses.

Because of my experience, dedication to providing excellent service, and enthusiasm for the healthcare field, I am confident I can make a worthwhile contribution to your organization. I would like to arrange an interview to discuss possible openings you might have where my experience would be an asset. I will call you next Thursday.



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