Applying A Medical Practice Manager Position


Dear Dr. Smith,

If you could “design” the best practice manager for Medical Associates, would the following meet your needs?

  • A cash-flow expert who combines the realistic outlook of an auditor with the profit building drive of an entrepreneur,
  • A productivity multiplier with a proven track record of leading diverse employees to greater productivity and loyalty,
  • A manager with a gift for freeing decision makers for the tasks only they can do, and
  • A dedicated administrator who can replace the distractions of business with peace of mind that comes from lessened liability and greater profits.

You have just read the 76-word version of my resume. You’ll find the complete document on the next pages. What you won’t find are the usual “summary of qualifications” and lists of responsibilities. In their places are more than a half dozen documented contributions that helped move organizations forward.

I enjoyed working for the state. And I was promoted twice in just eight months because the state valued my contributions. But my real calling is working in the private sector. Because I have a natural desire to fill people’s needs, I would like to hear about Medical Associates’ special requirements in your own words. I will call in a few days to find a few minutes to do that.



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