Applying A Human Resources Assistant Position


Dear Mrs. Smith,

I am very interested in re-careering to the Human Resources field and have enclosed a resume for your review. Originally an accountant, I am now returning to the paid workforce after a period of extensive community and volunteer work.

Balancing a number of general business skills, I also have a valuable complement of human-service-related strengths, including the following:

  • facilitation, interviewing and assessment
  • training and tutoring
  • patient and customer service
  • client research and analysis
  • client data gathering and consultation

One of the main things I missed in accounting work was direct interaction with people and the opportunity to feel as if my work would make a difference in the lives of others. My nature is one of compassion, patience and responsibility. Solution-oriented, I believe that all problems can be worked out. Research and assessment skills, time management, decision making and multitasking add to the value of my people skills. Adding more flexibility, my working style is one that easily lends itself to either an independent or a group work environment.

Others describe me as highly professional, sensitive to the needs of others, a positive thinker, detail-oriented and dependable. I feel that my maturity and combination of business and people skills are assets and would like to meet with you to discuss your needs, including how I might contribute to those goals.

I will contact your office to see whether additional information is needed and to determine a suitable time to meet with you.



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