Applying Director of Human Resources Position


Dear Mrs. Smith,

Your description of the Director of Human Resources position at Massachusetts Medical Manufacturing closely matches my background, and I am enthusiastically submitting my resume for your review.

With extensive experience in human resources management, I have the vision and the solid track record of results that can help Massachusetts Medical Manufacturing as it prepares to acquire California Medical Instruments and develop new lines of medical products. In my current role as Director of Human Resources at Boston Medical Devices, I provide the full spectrum of human resources support for our worldwide patient monitoring division. After an acquisition of a German company in 2004, my mission—which I accomplished—was to blend the cultures, operations, and procedures smoothly to enable our division to meet production deadlines and achieve sales goals.

Specific areas of accomplishment include the following:

  • Acquisitions: Provided leadership in two acquisitions to develop procedures that identified and implemented best practices, reduced redundancies, and achieved several million dollars in cost savings.
  • Strategic Planning: Consulted with senior management to design and implement programs and policies concerning recruitment, employee development, diversity, regulatory compliance, conflict resolution, and performance management.
  • Organizational Development: Integrated teams from Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Engineering to change corporate culture and define common vision of success, resulting in on-time product delivery.

I am confident my background and experience can benefit Massachusetts Medical Manufacturing, and I would like to talk with you to learn more about the company and to explore how I can contribute to its future success. I will contact you next week to set a time to do so. I look forward to meeting with you.

Thank you for your consideration.



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