Applying IT Project Manager/Systems Administrator


Dear Mr. Smith,

Capitalizing on a 12-year career with Eastman Kodak Company that has encompassed Systems Administration, IT Project Management, and Business Analysis experiences, I am seeking to use my broad-based IT knowledge in a challenging position with your firm. In pursuit of that goal, I have enclosed for your review a resume that outlines my professional background.

Some of the key capabilities that I can bring to a position with your firm include the following:

  • Supporting precision manufacturing operations, including clean room environments. During the start-up and launch of Kodak’s thin film manufacturing facility, I was accountable for setting up and maintaining process control, inventory management, and resource planning applications that contributed to the efficient and profitable operation of that plant.
  • Managing database tools that allow sales and marketing teams to capture customer information, track market trends, and plan sales/marketing strategies. In my current assignment, I maintain applications that are utilized by 100 managers in the field, plus close to 100 marketing and headquarters staff, to manage relationships with a customer base exceeding one million total accounts.
  • Implementing and maintaining HR applications and e-mail utilities to serve up to 500 end users. As a Senior Systems Analyst with the team that launched the Office Imaging Group, I had responsibilities in these areas, including controlling user access and establishing accounts.
  • Serving in Business Analyst roles that have included using innovative IT solutions to streamline and optimize various materials-forecasting functions.

I believe that the knowledge and expertise developed over the course of my career can be a valuable asset to a smaller firm on the rise. I would enjoy meeting with you to explore how I can best serve your current and future needs, and I encourage you to contact me to arrange an initial interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will call you soon to explore the possibility of an interview.



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