Applying IT Systems Engineer/Network Specialist


Dear Mr. Smith,

As an IT / Systems Engineer / Network Specialist, I am routinely faced with the challenges to evaluate specific technologies and their ability to meet operating requirements. I am seeking an MIS opportunity where I can continue to contribute to company growth and technological expansion through change, refinement and improvement. Highlights of the experience, qualifications and contributions I would bring to your organization include the following:

  • Design, lead and supervise the development and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance technology solutions to meet challenging business demands—developed through IT support efforts with Fortune 500, marketing, graphic arts, litigation and insurance companies.
  • Offer extensive experience in business process reengineering and workflow analysis techniques. Provide the flexibility to expand technical support services systems competency through internal development and external acquisition initiatives.
  • Have extensive qualifications in all facets of project lifecycle development, from initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design, through documentation, implementation, user training and enhancement.
  • Provide contributions to the vision, strategy and long-range development of technical support services infrastructures through organizational, leadership, team building and project management qualifications.

Because a resume can neither fully detail all my skills and accomplishments, nor predict my potential to your organization, I welcome the opportunity to meet, discuss and explore the possible merging of my talent, experience and qualifications with your organizational MIS system needs. I will call you to set a time we can meet.

Very truly yours,


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