Applying Senior WAN Engineer


Dear Mr. Smith,

It was with great interest that I read about your opening for a Senior WAN Engineer, as my background and abilities meet your requirements for this position. Please allow me to explain briefly what I can offer your organization.

With several years of experience as a Network Engineer, Manager, and Administrator, I have demonstrated the ability to fulfill business goals through network solutions, maintain excellent client relationships, and make bold decisions to achieve corporate and client objectives on critical projects. The following accomplishments illustrate these skills:

  • As a Network Engineer and Director of Engineering Services with Cisprint, I completed a complex VPN installation project involving 20 bank locations within an aggressive one-week deadline.
  • As a Network Engineer and Special Projects Manager with IED Communications, I received commendations for my work on implementing Cisco VPN networks using PIX and 1720 VPN routers.
  • As a Network Administrator for Top Networks, I built loyal client relationships through constructing, installing, and configuring desktops, workstations, servers, and all network-essential equipment.

I have found that the most effective skills for a network engineering position lie in an understanding of both the technological and business goals within an organization. What I would bring to ABC Systems is a combination of technical expertise and business intelligence to help fulfill your company’s ongoing and future objectives.

I have enclosed my resume to provide additional details regarding my background and qualifications, and I welcome the opportunity to interview for this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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