Applying A Corporate Counsel Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

I am a widely experienced professional seeking an opportunity to combine my skills in law and technology in a position with your company. Since graduating from law school, my career has followed a dual trajectory in technology and law—I have provided counsel to numerous companies regarding software development and contracts, and, as an associate with Wolf & Green, represented individuals and entities in complex litigation. At this juncture, I desire to move into an in-house role where I can employ my ability to evaluate and understand technology in the protection of the company’s interests.

My background well prepares me to counsel on strategic direction as well as how to protect developed intellectual assets once that direction has been solidified. With extensive experience as a computer programmer, I possess an exceptional capacity to advise on highly specific issues that impact agreements and intellectual property matters. I can also present complex technical issues to others in a way that is easy to comprehend.

In addition to technical expertise, I am an effective mediator who can see all sides of an issue and patiently work out agreements between parties. Further, my skills in analysis and presentation allow me to successfully present my position with regard to intellectual property disputes. I believe this combination of traits and professional history will serve me well in a corporate environment, and I look forward to beginning this next stage of my career.

I welcome the opportunity to further discuss my potential to benefit your company. I will contact you next Tuesday to arrange an interview.



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