Applying a Corporate Security Officer Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

Within minutes, the disastrous events of September 11, 2001, transformed our conceptualization of corporate security—changed its significance, scope, and strategy—from an optional “diligence” to an absolute requirement. Undoubtedly, the 15,000+ companies that were directly affected that day have since created, expanded, and / or upgraded corporate security.

In these perilous times, today’s socially and financially conscientious enterprise is obligated to take a serious, urgent, and comprehensive approach to protecting infrastructure, property, and people from internal and external threats. Globally, companies are reprioritizing corporate security in their plans and actions, despite the soft economy.

Today’s conundrum? Do more with less—again! This is where I come in! Through 20+ years of experience in the planning, deployment, and management of full-scale corporate security programs, I can provide <Name of Company> with the capacity to efficiently and cost-effectively avoid / mitigate risk and loss. In addition, I bring the added value of senior-level executive achievement, advanced academics, and an understanding of technology.

The following are highlights of my successes:

  • Served as Head of Security for all of Your Cable’s corporate entities and assets and managed related strategies, projects, inventories for corporate headquarters, and two operating divisions. Controlled $7 million capital and expense budget.
  • Assisted SVP of Security (solid line to CEO) with enterprise-wide budget and team oversight ($24+ million / 800+ employees).
  • Contributed to $1+ million in annual cost savings related to corporate security.
  • Formed and managed an internal organization—Intelligence Services Group—as a solution to employee and vendor security issues.
  • Planned and managed technology-based security—personnel, proprietary, and intellectual property protection—systems projects representing investments, some in excess of $1 million.
  • Contributed to post-9/11 strategic plans and actions for high-profile venues and events (e.g., West Side Arena, Lyman Recital House, and Senior GMA Tournament). Consulted on Metropolis Plaza security issues after the ’93 bombing.

Mr. Smith, if you see value in the breadth of my experience, scope of my knowledge, and caliber of my management qualifications, please get in touch so we can set up a meeting. I look forward to discussing your needs and my solutions, and you can expect to hear from me soon. I can guarantee you a substantial ROI.



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