Applying Homeland Security Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

As you build your Homeland Security team, it is my hope that you are looking for individuals like me—people who have been in the trenches and who are willing to “do what it takes” to accomplish a task. If you spoke to Jack Long in Lt. Governor Justine’s office, he would tell you that I am that person and that I would be
a strong contributor to this uncharted and unprecedented challenge you face.

Until August, I was a Research Analyst and Campaign Coordinator for Senator Don Thornton. Following Senator Thornton’s retirement, I served as a Campaign Coordinator for Representative Lisa Carpenter, working closely with the Republican State Committee. At this point, I am ready for a new challenge, and I can envision no other personal or professional opportunity more fulfilling and rewarding than being a member of the Homeland Security team.

From the time I was a young man, I have had an interest in public service. You will note in my resume that I have served as a Councilman and Committeeman in my home borough. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was taking the first steps toward a career serving the public and my country. When I envision the perfect job and work environment, there are three things that rank high on my list of priorities:

  • I work best on a team…particularly one that is targeting a meaningful goal such as homeland security;
  • I must be aligned with a leader who is known for his/her integrity, character and strength of purpose…an individual who leads by personal example; and
  • I want to be given the opportunity to tackle any challenging, responsible assignments that I’m deemed capable of handling. I make it my business to learn all I can about my organization’s mission, strategies and functions so that I can work from a standpoint of knowledge.

On a personal level, you should be aware that I am single, available for travel and open to working extra hours to accomplish the team’s objective. To say I am organized and work well under pressure would be an understatement. I’ve had to be in order to balance full-time employment with my educational requirements.
And whether large projects or small—you can count on me to get the job done. I have a “can-do” attitude and plenty of persistence, and I enjoy doing the footwork.

I would be proud to join this top-flight team concerned with protecting our nation and its citizens. I have enclosed my resume, outlining my experience and credentials, for your consideration. I realize that a resume is only a brief overview, so I can be available to meet with you for a personal interview at your
convenience. Please note that I have submitted my resume online as well. I look forward to talking with you in the near future.



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