Applying a Lawyer Position In Local Firm


Dear Mr. Smith,

In 2012, an unexpected opportunity presented itself, and I left the practice of law to found a niche confectionery company specializing in Swiss chocolate. Although I have enjoyed running my own business and met with success, I feel that my entrepreneurial curiosity has been satisfied and I am now in a position to step away from my company. Consequently, I am ready to return to the challenges of a legal career and am interested in joining your firm as an associate.

My experiences as an entrepreneur have allowed me to look at the business of law from a fresh perspective. I can better appreciate the pressures that the partners of a law firm feel and understand why they expect so much of their associates and other employees. I have no doubt that my work ethic, motivation, and recent experiences will allow me to quickly become a valued member of your legal team.

A brief and partial listing of my qualifications includes the following:

  • Extensive experience in marketing and business generation and outstanding customer/client relations skills.
  • Proven abilities in negotiating and drafting high-dollar power purchase and sales agreements as well as mediation experience.
  • Exemplary educational background that includes a BA from New York University and a JD from Columbia University School of Law.

My main desire is to resume the practice of law; therefore, I am flexible with regard to graduation-year classification. I will call you in the near future to further discuss how I can benefit your practice. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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