Applying Estate Planning Lawyer Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

I am an experienced legal professional with an LL.M. in Taxation, interested in joining your firm as an associate. Although my desire to practice tax law represents a career change for me, it is a change made with a great deal of planning and resolve. As outlined below, I have spent the past few years preparing myself for this shift, and I am eager and feel well prepared to begin this new stage of my career.

For 13 years, my practice focused on the litigation of large and complex personal-injury cases. Seeking a more transactional practice, I left private practice in 2000 to work for JRO—an insurance industry leader. My work with JRO somewhat satisfied my interest in transactional work; however, I desired a more significant change. After evaluating my strengths and interests, I eventually settled on taxation as the area that would best fulfill me as a professional.

Understanding that such a transition could not be made without the proper educational background, I enrolled in the University of Ohio’s six-course program in business finance while still employed with JRO, earning a certificate in 2005. This program reinforced my desire to move into taxation, and I consequently entered the University of Ohio’s LL.M. program in that area of concentration.

Now I am ready to put my academic training into action. I offer highly transferable skills that will be assets as I enter this practice area. As a result of my background, I have developed excellent drafting skills and an acute attention to detail. Additionally, I have experience providing effective counsel and engaging in frequent client contact.

I am confident that I can be of value to your practice and hope to further explore how I might benefit your firm. If you would like to set up a meeting or speak with me in more detail about my qualifications, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.



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