Applying A New Venture Marketing Manager Position


Dear Mrs. Smith,

As you are in a position to strengthen your portfolio companies’ growth by influencing their strategic hires, you may be interested in my background. My area of expertise is Internet marketing. As a member of the pioneering team during its rapid rise to a dominant position in e-commerce, I was involved in almost every aspect of Internet marketing and customer acquisition. If you are aware of a company that would benefit from expertise in these areas, please let me know.

At Ewire, I made contributions in the areas of identifying new marketing channels, developing online marketing programs, project management, industry report writing, metrics analysis, relationship building with affiliate partners, advising companies on online media buys, and vendor management. Contributions I made to the company’s fast growth include the following:

  • Built corporate marketing value in the travel industry to #1.
  • Developed creative affiliate programs with Reuters and CNBC.
  • Evolved and managed a leads generation / account acquisition program adopted by leading online brokers such as E*Trade.
  • Advised top companies such as Southwest Airlines and on how to enhance their websites as customer acquisition tools and use Doubleclick and ModemMedia in
    their multilevel marketing and media buys.

Following Ewire, I held executive positions with a strong marketing focus and pursued a second Master’s degree—a Master of Science in Management of Technology from the Sloan School of Management at MIT. These experiences give me the agility and breadth of understanding of technology, marketing, and business management to play a valuable role in a creative, quickly evolving company.

My advanced level of exposure at one of the frontiers of web technology development gives me a level of technology sophistication that can only enhance my ability to deliver competitive results as an Internet marketing manager. If you could connect me to corporate executives who might be interested in the value I could bring in this role, I would be greatly obliged. Thank you.



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