Applying A Public Relations Associate Position


Dear Mrs. Smith,

The advertisement in the New York Times for the position of a Public Relations Associate addresses my qualifications to a great extent and I’d like to emphasize some aspects of my experience in that relation.

My career launched as an editor of publications on military subjects inclusive of newspapers and magazines during my service as a member of the German uniformed services. I wrote everything in the range of news, sports materials, feature articles, press releases. My strong organizational skills helped me a lot in conducting media events, liaising with partners, giving briefings. On the other hand I took care also of the usual administrative work as preparing slide presentations, promotional materials.

Later on in 19– I supervised the internal formation and PR programs for the U.S. Army in Berlin. In my work as a Director of the Information Services I was writing and publishing internal documents, brochures, etc. and heading the Editors Units in another newspaper and magazine. In the following year my professional experience is marked by a record of supervision of ten people in the entertainment industry when I managed an annual budget of $250,000.

Concerning my computer skills I may say that I’m good at Quark Express, MS Word and Adobe In Design. At length I’d like to add that I’m anxious to expand my capabilities by assuming greater responsibilities and I think that the position offered by your company is the answer to my quest.

Thank you for your time and consideration in advance and I look forward to meeting you in person for an interview at a time suitable for you.

Sincerely yours,


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