Applying A Fashion Magazine Features Editor Position


Dear Mrs. Smith,

My friends tell me I have a passion for fashion, and I entirely agree. In my spare time, I’m usually found checking out the latest in hairdos to footwear and everything in between. If I’m not at the malls, I’m tuned in to the fashion shows on TV, and of course, I can hardly wait for the latest issue of Fashionista magazine to arrive in my mailbox!

As a journalism major, I had exposure to news story reporting, script editing, and press release writing before I landed my first real job as lifestyle editor for my small-town weekly. The pay was minimal, butI had the chance to travel and write freelance articles on topics that interested me, such as wardrobe accessorizing. Most of them were published in various national magazines, including Fashionista. Eventually, I relocated to the metropolitan area and am currently employed as a copywriter at an advertising agency with clients in the apparel industry. However, it was always in the back of my mind that someday I’d love to join the editorial staff of a major fashion publication. You can imagine my excitement at seeing your ad in Women’s Wear Daily for just such a position!

Realizing that I’m up against some serious competition, I am, nevertheless, throwing my hat in the ring and submitting my resume along with a few samples of my freelance articles. If I am considered for the features editor position, an acquaintance of mine, who is a big name in the fashion world, will serve as one of my references. She and I have collaborated closely on advertising campaigns, and I am certain she will vouch favorably for my character, abilities, and work habits.

Thank you for taking the time to review my materials, and I look forward to your further consideration of me. May we meet soon? I will call to determine a mutually convenient time.



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