Applying A Retail Manager Position In A National Chain Store


Mr. Smith,

It is with great interest and enthusiasm that I am submitting my resume in application for The Home Depot Store Leadership Program. As the current industry leader in home improvement products and services with more than $45 billion in annual revenues (ranked #9 in Fortune’ s Global Most Admired Companies list), The Home Depot has certainly established itself as a company poised for even greater success in the future, and I feel that my skills and abilities make me a worthy candidate for the Associate position within this program.

Throughout my career in marketing and HR management, I have maintained a consistent record of meeting and exceeding goals for business growth, organizational leadership, and service delivery. Allow me to briefly call your attention to some of my accomplishments:

  • Initiated recruiting process for start-up operations that led to the hiring of 150 customer service representatives in two months, despite the fact that I had no prior experience as an HR Manager.
  • Selected as my company’s representative for the Leadership Houston program based on my leadership potential, gaining valuable knowledge and insight into team building and leadership.
  • Increased Alumni and Family Relations network and support for the University of Houston through special events coordination, training of volunteer networks, and marketing campaigns.

In an August 2007 article from, Home Depot CEO Robert Nardelli emphasized that “…in this environment you can’t wait for the customer,” and I agree that a proactive, results-oriented approach to business growth is the key to success and profitability in the current market. That The Home Depot has continued to succeed and expand despite the struggling economy further attests to its staying power as a leader in the field, and I am confident that I would contribute to The Home Depot’s growth and success in a future position.

My resume is enclosed to provide additional details concerning my background and achievements, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my capabilities and desire to join The Home Depot team. Thank you, Mr. Smith, for your time and consideration of my candidacy.



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