Applying A Store Manager Position In A Coffee Shop


Dear Ms. Smith,

Your name has been given to me as one who could introduce me to your District Manager. I would like the opportunity to apply for a position as Store Manager for a Starbucks store. I’ve taken the liberty to enclose a copy of my resume. Please feel free to pass this letter and my resume on to your District Manager.

As you will note, I have spent 12 years working in the fast-food industry. I am now eager to transfer to working for Starbucks. This is an area that has fascinated me over the last few years, and I am now ready for a change. I have experience managing a crew, empowering them to be the best they can be, and providing excellent customer service for McDonald’s. I have created a strong cash flow for the stores I have been involved with by making sure the customer is well taken care of, monitoring inventory, and maintaining control of labor costs. The successful daily operations have also been an important portion of my duties, as well as the implementation and maintenance of all company policies.

Your requirements for a Store Manager appear to match my qualifications very closely. I am highly “service” focused and understand the inner workings, financial requirements, and team spirit required to operate a successful store. My resume only briefly describes my skills. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with your District Manager directly to further discuss where my qualifications and Starbucks requirements may blend. Please have your District Manager give me a call at her earliest convenience to set up a time when we may meet.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


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