Applying A Researcher Position in A Biotech Company


Dear Dr. Smith,

I have recently relocated to New York with the intention of pursuing a position in the field of scientific research. My goal is to obtain an opportunity within a Biotech/Bioengineering company. I genuinely desire to be an integral part of a team research effort and the clinical trial process. Highlights of my academic achievement and employment experience include the following:

  • Exceptional Academic Record…B.S. in Microbiology with a concentration in Molecular Biology…consistently maintained superior grades with honors in Virology, Immunology, Advanced Bacteriology, and Microbial Genetics.
  • Analytical and Organizational Skills…practical employment allowed me to demonstrate my strength in data research, analysis, and documentation.
  • Strong Project Management Skills…with extensive experience working as a Structured Finance Coordinator, Center Director, Area Supervisor, and R.O.T.C. Cadet. I have been involved in the planning, data research, written communication, and public service that resulted in significant accomplishments in leadership, organization, and self-discipline.
  • Communication and Public Relations Skills…in each of my positions, I have dealt cooperatively with the general public, colleagues, and superiors. My skills at interpersonal relations and cross-cultural communications are considerable.

Throughout my academic background and employment history, I have consistently driven myself to meet challenges and achieve goals. It is within this type of challenging and results-oriented environment that I thrive.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet and further share with you my qualifications and enthusiasm for joining your company research team. I will call soon to find a mutually convenient time.



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