Applying A Social Services Counselor In Local Government


Mr. Smith,

Please accept this letter of application for employment in the South Carolina Social Services Division for Children and Their Families. My education, training, and experience have built a solid, relevant foundation for employment in this division, as I believe my current enclosed resume proves.

Working with children in multicultural and diverse socioeconomic strata is a challenge in which I am eager to engage as a professional social worker. Although I am content and qualified to continue in my current position with the Easter Seals–SC, Cranston ARC, I feel that my greater strength and enthusiasm lie in assisting youth, as evidenced in my volunteer work with the Children’s Crusade. Developing and promoting proper independent living skills is a goal and dream of mine that I shall pursue until I am in such a position to assist youngsters during their crucial, formative time of cultural and behavioral development.

If you feel that my credentials, along with my genuine enthusiasm to work with children, are sufficient to meet your criteria for employment in this field, please contact me when an opening occurs. I can be reached at or (111) 222-3333 during the day or evening. I look forward eagerly to meeting with you to discuss my professional qualifications.

Thank you for your time in consideration of my application.



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