Applying A Social Worker Position In A Correctional Center


Dear Mrs. Smith,

Becoming a social worker has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I have taken the first step toward fulfilling this dream. In May, I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree. As part of my educational training, I am seeking an internship at the Borrin Correctional Institution to further develop my clinical social work skills while applying my training to benefit others.

Currently, I am completing a clinical internship at the Borrin Families in Crisis Center. This experience has not only taught me valuable lessons about human life, but has also reinforced my interest in employment in a correctional environment following graduation. My future plans include pursuing a master’s degree in clinical social work.

Complementing my education in social work are both employment and volunteer experiences that relate to my career interests while adding to my skill development in this profession. Such experiences over the past several years have included employment as a medical assistant at a physician practice, providing support services to families of children with cancer at a community hospital and volunteering at a crisis-counseling center. In addition, my professors and supervisor at the Borrin Families in Crisis Center have frequently commented on my natural aptitude for a career in social work.

Highly self-motivated with an energetic style, I am eager to learn new skills and enhance my education while contributing to your organization. My strengths also include communications, maturity and the ability to relate effectively with individuals at all levels and cultural backgrounds as demonstrated throughout my prior career in business.

I look forward to discussing an internship opportunity at your institution and appreciate your consideration.



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