Applying A Coordinator–Number Administrator Position in telecom


Dear Mr. Smith

Someone once said, “There are no great companies, just the people who work for them.” Sounds as if the person who said this was referring to an organization – like Alltel – that espouses the philosophy of cooperative teamwork.

Your advertisement in The Charlotte Observer (April 4) for a Coordinator–Number Administrator certainly seems to describe such an environment, with an opportunity that rewards team performance.

If so, I’d like to become a member!

Throughout my experience with AT&T, I was given opportunities to contribute to resolving customer problems, provide administrative and technical support, and coordinate processes—through both in-house and field staff, as well as customers. Based on my training in the telecommunications industry, I know how to troubleshoot, monitor, and coordinate line problems. I worked in the Technical Department in the Business Center.

Following retirement from AT&T two years ago, I have continued to upgrade my skills, including advanced training in Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows, among others.

I’m confident that I could contribute effectively to the Alltel team. May we schedule a time to discuss our mutual goals?

Thank you for your consideration.



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