Applying A Machine Operator Position In A Manufacturing


Mr. Smith,

I would like to be your next machine operator, a position I saw advertised in the Halifax bnwick on August 30.

The attached resume documents seven years of progressively responsible experience in this field. I presently serve as Cell leader and Set-up Person for Atlantic Engine Parts. ‘There, I established a reputation as a responsible, competent employee who could be relied on to produce work accurately and on time. In fact, I received the Eureka! award for averting a cricis that emerged when my colleagues and I were machining new parts for a major corporate client.

We were working to a tight deadline, and I had the privilege of serving as team leader. In the process of machining a particular part, the machining equipment was being damaged. This occurred because the part had been recently manufactured, and our company had not yet been able to acquire appropriate tools to machine it. I had no choice but to adapt existing technology to meet the demand. I accomplished this by modifying the cutting wheel and making adjustments to the computer program that guided the process.

The project was completed on time with minimal scrap, and our client was satisfied with the result.

In solving this problem, I demonstrated not only technical skill, but leadership, because all members of my team had to understand the modifications in order to mass-produce the part in question. It was a group effort, with the part passing from one machine operator to another in order to successfully complete the process. The team had to work harmoniously under pressure to get the job done. My ability to relate well with my colleagues, understand the high level of stress under which they were operating, and be flexible with them during this project played an important role in ensuring everything went smoothly and the job was completed on time.

I enjoy both the technical and interpersonal aspects of machine work and hope ultimately to acquire a supervisory position. I like this field because I am interested in the development of new and better technologies, and I enjoy the challenges that come with advancement. In fact, this was a major reason for my decision to enter the field. To this end, I have acquired a Certificate in CNC Programming from Sinclair College and completed a number of related technical courses.

My qualifications and experience are documented in the attached resume. I am confident that, on reviewing it, you will agree I have the potential to become a worthy member of your team. I will call to set a convenient time to meet, so that we could discuss how I might best serve Celtic Mining and Manufacturing.

Sincerely yours,


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