Applying A Systems Trainer Position


Dear Mr. Smith,

In response to your advertisement in the February edition of the New York Times, I would like to apply for the position of Systems Trainer.

Being a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business I have a relevant professional background that qualifies me for the position. I can offer experience in:

  • The management of in-house and client training services
  • Project management on training, documentation for technical environments
  • First-hand dealing with software and hardware systems adjustment to enhance the cost-effectiveness

My current position has been satisfying as it provided me with a lot of challenges and the feeling of realization. But lately I feel it is time for a move upwards in my professional scale and expanding of my responsibilities. In this aspect I’d like to use my skills for introducing alterations in system automation and software for personnel training that matches exactly your company’s benchmarks for the coming year.

Please find my resume enclosed and should you need any further information on my personal motivation and previous experience, don’t hesitate to contact me for an interview. I look forward to your reply.



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