Applying A Tourism Coordinator Position


Mr. Smith,

Throughout my work history, I have always taken great pride in my meticulous attention to detail and in my ability to provide outstanding customer service to clients. More than 15 years of work experience in sales and account management instilled within me a desire to take care of clients and coworkers with the same kind of respect and efficiency that I would expect from a business. I will bring this sense of dedication to customers, combined with a strong work ethic to your organization.

As a long-time resident of the Maryland Eastern Shore, combined with more than 15 years of management experience in the travel industry, I believe that I have the right combination of travel skills and marketing experience for consideration as your new Tourism Coordinator. My friend, Rebecca Noble, who works in your office, especially encouraged me to apply for this position.

While managing corporate travel accounts, I took great pride in getting to know my clients and learning of their personal preferences, schedules, business needs, and travel interests. They consistently complimented me on my ability to handle the meticulous details of their business trips and vacations. I know that as your new Tourism Coordinator, I can effectively develop and promote marketing and promotion plans that will attract more visitors to Talbot County. As the last few years of my work have been spent creating and marketing my own business, I have learned how to take an ordinary food, such as pecans, and create a unique trademarked brand that is now marketed on a regional level. In just under four years, I have single-handedly
contracted with more than 126 retailers to carry and promote my product. I have increased my sales volume by 125% each year, with 2007 sales projections exceeding $80,000. That dollar figure accounts for more than 8,000 bags of pecans being sold in 2007.

This position appeals to me because I can use the skills and experience that I already possess and work in a team environment where my strengths will be emphasized. I will prove to you that I can quickly adapt to new situations, will take initiative to effectively learn my job, and even offer fresh ideas to improve the services and structure of your business. Ms. Carnes, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss additional work-related accomplishments with you during a personal interview in the upcoming weeks. We can discuss
how my combination of travel management and entrepreneurial experience will be a perfect fit for the Talbot County Office of Tourism.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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